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Established in 2000, Southport Island Marine is a Boat-building Boat and Yacht Yard located on Southport Island in the Boothbay Region of Mid-Coast Maine. Well known as the Builder of the elegant and highly regarded Downeast powerboat, the Southport 30, we have expanded our principal offerings to include: The Handy Billy 21,  and the 20 foot Celebrity Class Sloop.  We have undertaken limited custom runs of boats such as the Hurricane Island 30.
Our shop is capable of Custom Boatbuilding to 50 feet in length.  We have custom built Downeast boats from hulls built by others.  We have collaborated in the design and development of unique and new designs.  We can customize the products that we offer in any way desired. 
Recently, our efforts have focussed on maintenance, repair, and refit.  We can perform these tasks on boats up to 50 feet in length.  As we are boatbuilders, we can provide innovative solutions to all sorts of problems during a refit.  We can Repair, Refit, or Restore any vessel that can be brought to our shop over the road from a nearby boat ramp or travel lift.

648 Hendricks Hill Road, Southport, ME 04576     TEL: 207-633-6009      FAX: 207-633-9947
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