celebrity sloop

The Celebrity Class Centerboard Sloop is a handsome, handy, able, dry and fast little centerboard Daysailer. Long a favorite of shallow water sailors who appreciate classic lines able performance, the boat had not been in production since the late 1990's.  Southport Island Marine Owner, Doug Goldhirsch, owned one of these boats for many years early in his sailing life. He acquired the molds when looking for one for his family to use.  The seller of the boat he found also had the molds and was looking for a home for them.  Southport Island acquired the molds and can build these boats if there is demand.  We have used the molds in restorations of three of these great little boats!

This beautiful Centerboard Daysailer has been in production in the U.S. since the 1950’s, and there are fleets scattered across the nation. The boats are fast and responsive. They are roomy and comfortable to sail. The rig is set up for easy stepping and un stepping. All fiberglass construction is easy to maintain. Flotation is provided to make the boat unsinkable. 

Complete package comes ready to sail.

Options include:
Trailer, Auxilliary Power (electric or gas), roller furling jib, Sunbrella Boom Tent.


Celebrity Association member Hank Baer:
….I then saw one of the moulded ply Celebrities a little later on - I had to have one!! - I went to Evanson’s shop and ordered a new one around 1974 - I asked him to make it  all white, both hull and decks – That made it an illegal class boat at that time as the rules said they had to have blue decks – I bought the boat because it was beautiful and was a wonderful, stable sailer – I sailed that boat everywhere from Lake George, NY to Virginia Beach, VA. I love this boat for its “yacht like” appearance and it’s stiff, relaxing sailing qualities – It’s in a class all of its own.

 Length Overall                     19 foot 9 inches

 Beam                                    6 foot 4 inches

 Draft                                     10"/3'3" 

 Displacement                      800 lbs 

 Sail Area                              172 sq. ft.

 Mast Height                         25 feet


Celebrity Sloop Particulars