hurricane island 30

Southport Island Marine was chosen to help develop and build these boats in 2006 to serve as Outward Bound's new expedition vessel. We have worked closely with the Designers and the Client to optimize the effectiveness and success of the design.

     The original “Pulling Boats” designed by Cyrus Hamlin for Outward Bound in the early 1960’s have proven to be seaworthy, handsome and loved by all that sail them. These venerable 30 foot wooden boats have provided life transforming experiences safely for thousands of students of all ages for over 40 years.  But as the fleet aged, it became evident that designing new boats for the Outward Bound mission was in order.

The new design for the Sea Program accounted for:

  • Providing privacy for personal hygiene (a marine sanitation device: a Head).

  • The need to deal more responsibly with human waste (a holding tank).

  • Boats that will require little maintenance.

  • Boats that will be designed with performance in mind – they must sail well, and allow student to transfer what they learn to other boats that they might encounter.


The new boats retained certain traits of the old boats:

  • Oars as auxiliary power.

  • Must accommodate the entire crew for sleeping.

  • Seaworthy as befitting a teaching platform for novice sailors.

  • Masts easily un-shipped, Shoal Draft to allow gunkholing in any environ.

  • Able to self rescue in the event of capsize.

  • Positive flotation



  • Fiberglass centerboard open sailboat with liner/deck and cuddy with head. 

  • Vinylester resin, solid glass below water line, foam core above.

  • UHMW Polyethylene beaching plate.

  • Weighted Centerboard (225lbs)

  • Foam Core kick up rudder.

  • Carbon Fiber unstayed masts and sprit booms (Mast 41 lbs, Sprit 6.5 lbs)

  • Main staysail and drifter light airsails.

  • Aux Power: Six 13 ft Carbon Fiber Oars (5lbs each)

  • Integral Equipment:

  • Marine head and holding tank.

  • 2 fixed bilge pumps.

  • 12 Volt electrical system.

  • Man overboard pole, light, horseshoe collar, etc.

  • 8 type I PFD’s.

  • EPIRB.

  • VHF radio.

  • Lightning protection with terminals and grounding plates for each mast.



 Length Overall                     30 feet

 LWL                                      27.6

 Beam                                    8.45

 Sail Area                              340 sq. ft.

 Ballast                                  825 lbs

 Draft                                     1 foot;          

                                               Centerboard down: 4.8feet 

 Displacement                      5,607 lbs (fully loaded)

                                               3,190 lbs (light) 


Hurricane 30 Particulars